1. P

    Importance of Accurate measurement

    Hi all! How many of you think that it is important to measure/know exactly how much you have paid to broker and what should be the sell price of stock for which you will get exact no profit/loss or 100 Rs or 3.2%(as example) profit/loss in your statement (after deducting all taxes and...
  2. P

    Hello All!

    Hi! First of all, Please accept my best wishes of New Year 2010 to all members. I am new to post, but i have read many posts on tradeji since last few months. I liked the diversity in topics discussed and the depth to which they are discussed. As a tradition and system implemented at...
  3. loke4300

    Tracking TA

    Dear experts, In a few days, i shall start giving trading calls on commodities catering to a few clients. I or the team that i join do not have any software to "automatically" track my trading call performance [except excel ]. Most of the calls shall be given via yahoo messenger. I'd like...