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Here I will be sharing the tools and resources that will be useful in Auto Trading. I am in the process of automating my own trading, therefor spending a lot of time in checking out currently available best tools etc. in the market for retail traders.

To begin with, I am sharing this really good webinar named "Algo Trading Through Nirmal Bang XTS API" given by Mr. Peter Cutinho, Head of Business, Symphony Fintech and Mr. Hrishabh Sanghvi, Founder of Aque Tech, in which they explain that contrary to the popular belief that Auto Trading is some sort of a rocket science, it is actually quite simple, if only you have got clearly defined trading game plan.

Starting from around 30 minutes in this webinar, they start to explain in details that broadly speaking, there are 3 Options available for Individual Traders -

1. Online Platforms like - TradeTron or Streak etc.
2. Charting Software based solution like - Amibroker, Trading View, MT4 & NinjaTrader etc.
3. Algo Trading Systems like - Symphony Blitz, XTS, FlexTrader, Arque Trader etc.

Then they explain the Pros and Cons for each of the above 3 options. I am also sharing a few of the Important Slides from the above webinar, to make these points clear.

They have also explained some of the algo which are prebuilt into Blitz and are ready to use, without any coding of any kind.

I hope this information will be useful to those who are interested in Auto Trading. I will be posting more such info here. If someone has any practical experience with such tools then please share your experience.

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I have heard there is method where u can link amibroker to nest without paying any exchange fees
it automates orders submit to nest seeing signals in amibroker. it;s free method so don;t expect speed to match those of cloud Apis
speed of 1-3 sec order submitting canbe achieved.
when you use word algo speed of 300 nano sec matters too i.e 1000 orders in 1 sec submitted and cancelled and exceuted needed by only who have billions of dollars.

cost be always factor we smalll traders.

example be i have there hexed version lol but i never bothered to test it
as real money = real trading =control in my hand.

All i can advice is if u doing algo trading beter to square off trades same day.never leave trades for next day for algo coz gaps will kill you.

algo trading makes sense only when you go beyond 1-2 crores of capital untill then not required.


NSE CAAS Managed Services - Has anyone tried this ? Is it similar to getting a Co-Lo Server from NSE Directly, or if it is different service ?

In today's highly competitive world, it is essential for high frequency traders to host their key trading technology in close proximity to exchange platforms to remain competitive. Symphony Fintech provide access of NSE Colocation facilities to small and mid size NSE trading members under NSE CAAS model.

With NSE CAAS model NSE trading members essentially optimize market access and trading speed to get their trading infrastructure as close as possible to the NSE matching engine.

As a part of CAAS model, NSE trading members have access to ultra low latency exchange infrastructure with rack space, trading equipment, complete infrastructure management, TBT Feed handler and key trading technologies to remain competitive.

With NSE CAAS, the subscriber is with the shortest physical distance with NSE matching engine and with reliable connectivity can significant reduce the time to obtain the data feed and submit orders to market.
Our TJ Member @vishnux said that he can provide us even 100 level market depth if we get CAAS. This could be really helpful to those traders who trade based on OrderFlow type of analysis etc.

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@mechtrader You have been one of the Oldest and Most Successful Algo Traders in our forum. It would be really great if you could please take out some time to share your current status. Is everything going fine with your algo trading ? Is everything stable now, or if you still face some glitches from the vendor side ?

Please share your views on any of your threads, or here.

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Hello Friends. Is there anyone here who is practically using TradeTron for Algo Trading Strategies testing ? Could you please share your experience?

I am sharing this really good webinar named " Tradetron Demo with live execution (Hindi).” In this they explain how allows you to create your own strategy or subscribe to others strategy from marketplace and deploy it in your own brokers account.

I am also sharing a slide that shows how it is useful for different category of Market Participants.

One of good things about Mr. Umesh Ranglani "CEO at" is that he is very open for all kind of inputs and feedback from traders so that the interests of the retail traders as well as the trading strategy sellers, both are met. They are quick to make the necessary changes asked by the users.

They have also partnered with fyers so that we can easily deploy their strategies quickly -

It would be nice to see what @Tejas Khoday has to say about their service.

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Algo trading is a process for executing orders by automated way. It is a set of directions for solving problems. You can also call it as automated trading, black-box trading or algorithmic trading. It helps to reduce the risk of manual errors while placing trades.

One can become a algo trader if they have two things:

1. Knowledge of financial markets: One would be able to use the technical indicator such as Simple Moving Average (SMA), Bollinger band, Moving Average Convergence-divergence (MA CD), etc. only if one has a level of exposure in the market.
2. Logical reasoning: One can formulate or define these rules or strategies using their experience in financial markets, price observations, and/or patterns identification. One can do a back testing for sometime and once the trades are working as per them, have calculated, can go for a live trading.

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