auto trading

  1. A

    How's KEEV ?

    Hello Everyone, Anyone here have checked out KEEV, Please let me know how is it ?
  2. M

    Which Broker is good for Auto Trading?

    Hello I want to test my auto trading ideas in market, According to experienced traders like you which Broker's API is good and reliable? In initial period, i dont want to pay API charges or any other data charges now as it just an experiments. Can anyone tell which trading api is free still...
  3. R

    Excel Sheet automated trading

    Hi, I created an excel sheet with some rules now i want it will fire automatic order when my condition fullfill ,can anybody help me out in this. Thanks
  4. F

    Why has Zerodha stopped support for Amibroker & Pi-Bridge?

    Why has Zerodha stopped support for Amibroker & Pi-Bridge? How do they expect clients to automate their trade? Are they trying to push Kite-Connect API against Amibroker?
  5. trendtrade

    Tools and Resources for Auto Trading

    Hello Friends Here I will be sharing the tools and resources that will be useful in Auto Trading. I am in the process of automating my own trading, therefor spending a lot of time in checking out currently available best tools etc. in the market for retail traders. To begin with, I am sharing...
  6. S

    Need a professional coder to fine tune my AFL for auto trading

    Hi, my strategy is coded in AFL for 6-8 months now. Works well with almost no errors on x minute charts that i use for MCX. However, i use constant range or tick charts for NSE. Need a coder to fine tune the AFL for entries/exits to reduce slippage and integrate it with Presto/3rd party approved...
  7. C

    How to get real time MCX data for charting in Amibroker ?

    Hi traders, I recently got to know about Amibroker. It seems very interesting. I want to try some strategies and backtest them with AFL codes but I need live MCX data. How can I bring live MCX data in Amibroker ? I have Trade Tiger and Nest platform already.
  8. M

    Help me

    Friends, I am a retail and small trader using NEST for my trading. I found using super trend we can getgood returns. But because of emotions my account leading to losses. I am assuming that if I can fully automate this strategy can get good profits, but I don't know much about fully...
  9. J

    Automated Trading software

    Is there any good reliable auto trading software supplier available to connect with ODIN? I am looking for a auto trading software is there anyone to help me.
  10. J

    Auto Mated Trding

    I am new in Trading. Isee Auto Mated trading in Is Correct or Scam Please Advice
  11. M

    Lets make efficient auto trading setup

    Dear Friends, Lets we try to make auto trading setup with features below:- 1. Position Size should be of Rs. 200000/- only 2. It should be of 4 Lots Strategy. 3. 50% (2 Lots) profit booking at 1st Target and Remaining 50% (1 Lot) profit booking at 2nd Target and Rest as per reverse...
  12. R

    Legality of hft

    I am a software engineer. I have developed a software for automated trading in ODIN (Automated placing, cancelling and modifying orders on predefined strategy in real time). I want to know the legality of this software. Please help me