1. R

    Ticker symbol to use for nifty auto and other indexes for downloading data from Google

    I needed to download historical data from will. I have been able to successfully do that for stocks and also nifty index and also nifty FMCG., I'm not able to download data from nifty auto, nifty metal, nifty 150 and nifty 500 indexes. The ticker symbols cnxauto etc not seem to be recognised. I...
  2. sdalal

    FTSE: Slowly will kill Himself

    Below is the weekly chart of FTSE 100. AS seen in chart, I see the coming days we see it near 4500.
  3. T

    EOD2FCharts EOD Data Download & Export to FCharts SE (Free Technical Analysis s/w)

    Hello, Here you can find the software which Downloads End of day Bhavcopy data , filter it and then export directly to FREE TECHNICAL ANALYSIS SOFTWARE *** FCharts SE *** without starting FCharts Software. EOD Downloader/Exporter for FCharts SE EOD2FCharts [NSE/BSE] [Free version will allow...