Error:Please enter a ticker symbol for data in



Hi Friends,

I have downloaded data through getbhavcopy from 01/01/09 to today in ASCII text format. While trying to upload through the convert option in Meta stock - Downloader, i keep getting error " please enter a ticker symbol for data in ....".
Can someone please help why this error is occurring and a solution to this.

Thanks in advance
Hello Dear,
U might be getting a solution too delay or U might have seek the solution but there could be several others facing the same. I would be glad enough to share my experience with all such-

If Ur facing such error check ur getbhavcopy file from which ur trying to convert it with older files from which u 've already converted before. You will find that on the top of ASCII file there is fields that are missing..i.e. ticker,date u need to manually enter this on the top of that getbhavcopy ASCII file-


save the file and try to convert it again as usual..Hope Ur problem will be resolved now..

And Ur Always Welcome..

~~ Regards,
Chhirag Kedia

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