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Lots of developments in telecom sector these days. A lot of news flows about different instruments and schemes etc. So opening a new thread about it, don't want to cramp it all in the Reliance Jio thread.

Here is some news. I know that Telenor isn't a major player, but still this may be the beginning of a new 4G fever in sub Rs. 300 region.

Jio effect: Telenor now offers 56GB 4G data for Rs 47, conditions apply
INDIA TODAY TECH | New Delhi, March 28, 2017 | 13:53

Norway-based telecom company Telenor has come out with a new India-specific plan that offers 56GB of 4G data with a validity of 28 days for just Rs 47. Subscribers who opt for the plan can use a maximum of 2GB of data every day. Telenor says its new plan gives users 1GB data for a mere 80 paisa. Conditions, however, apply.

In addition the FUP, Telenor's new scheme seems to be an invite-only affair for now. The company is in the process of sending out SMS invites to eligible subscribers who can then decide to avail the same. Also, the scheme will be applicable only inside Telenor's circles, which means, not all people would be able to avail the offer even if they somehow manage to get the invite.

Telenor's new plan is clearly targeted towards Reliance Jio that is also offering something very similar for Rs 303. That being said, Jio services are available for use all across the country so more people can use it. At the same time, another thing to note here is that Telenor's 56GB 4G data for Rs 47 offers only 4G data, and no voice calling. In the case of Jio, subscribers can avail free unlimited voice calling over VoLTE no matter which plan they opt for.

It must be known that Telenor isn't new to such 4G data plans. It has, in the past, come out with offers like 1GB data for Rs 11 and 2GB data for Rs 147, but, unlike its new plan Telenor's previous offers were mostly around a per day basis. Its new offer, however, offers a monthly plan with per daily benefits.

Jio, meanwhile, is gearing up to start charging its subscriber base in the days to come, from April 1 to be precise. In the meantime, it has started a Jio Prime offer that gives subscribers additional benefits for a period of one year for a nominal charge of Rs 99.
Spoke to their rep in online chat. It seems that even they don't know yet about the offer.

Please use this thread to post telecom news and queries. I do have a lot of questions about Tapatalk etc and how to use my new smartphone :D


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Datawind now wants a piece of the Indian telecom pie.

Canadian mobile device maker Datawind has plans to invest Rs 100 crore in telecom services business in the first six months of getting a license and offer data services at Rs 200 per year. The company, known for making low-cost tablets and smartphones, has applied for a pan-India virtual network operator (VNO) license in the country. The license will enable it to offer mobile telephony and data services but only in partnership with existing telecom operators.


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Wasn't Datawind in the news some time ago for something ?? Was it Freedom 251 ??
No, that's a different company (Ringing Bells).

Datawind is a legit company though its tablets are of average quality. I'm however surprised that more companies want to enter the debt-ridden telecom space when consolidation (and deep pockets) are the ony way forward.

Discounts can go only so far before they end up like the falling valuations of e-commerce companies today. Reliance has deep pockets for Jio; it can ride it out towards traction. The others have their work cut out and will need to double up just to stay afloat. In trading analogy, most telecom companies are the embodiment of a martingale strategy :D
MTNL's Rs 319 plan will get you 2GB 3G data per day, unlimited calls

The launch of Reliance Jio has led to a price war amidst the telcos. While Airtel, Vodafone and BSNL are frequently making headlines for their new plans and offers, it is the state-run MTNL this time that has joined the tariff war with a new offer.

The company is giving 2GB of 3G data per day and unlimited calling within its network for Rs 319 from April 1. The plan comes with a 28 days' validity after which the customers will have to recharge again to avail the benefits.

"On its 31st anniversary, MTNL announces new plan from April 1, 2017 that offers 2 GB of 3G data per day and unlimited calling within MTNL network for Rs 319 for Delhi and Mumbai mobile customers," company said in a statement.

The plan will remain valid for 28 days after which MTNL customers will have to recharge with same value for availing benefits. "This promotional offer is valid for 90 days. MTNL customers will also get 25 minutes of free call to other networks everyday and after that they will be charged 25 paise for a minute phone call."

Airtel also recently launched Rs 345 plan to match against Reliance Jio. The company offers 28GB of high-speed data for 28 days. The FUP is set at 1GB but the users will be able to use only 500MB of data during the day, while the remaining 500MB can be used between 12am to 6am. For no limits on timings, users can go for Rs 549 recharge. Also calls beyond the 1,200 bundled minutes will be charged at 30 paise per minute. This pack is available only for prepaid users.

On the other hand, Vodafone offers Rs 346 pack under which user gets 28GB of mobile data and unlimited free calls. FUP is 1GB per day and once the limit is reached, user will be charged.

All telecom operators in the country are trying to match Reliance Jio's new recharge plans that will be available from April 1. The company is bringing an end to its free offers today and will start charging users for the services. The plans start from as low as Rs 19 and goes all the way up to Rs 9999. User will get free calls, SMSes and 4G data under these plans. Prime members will get more amount of 4G data than non-Prime members. Prime membership fee is Rs 99 annually and the deadline for subscription is March 31

But didnt find any details of this plan in MTNL Delhi website.
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8.7 lakh telecom subscriber forms non-compliant with norms

“During last year 2016 and current year i.e 2017 (up to February 28, 2017) out of total of 1.71 crore CAFs audited, a total of 8.76 lakh CAFs were found non-compliant to the prescribed CAF verification norms by Telecom Enforcement, Resource and Monitoring (TERM) cells,” Communications Minister Manoj Sinha said in a written reply in the Lok Sabha.
Recently, the Supreme Court has directed re-verification of all existing mobile subscribers through Aadhaar-based eKYC preferably within one year.

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