Why telecommunication stocks are going low daily?

Hello there,

I've invested in telecommunication stock couple of months back (for long term), but it seems they are going down and down. Any idea why?

I can see banks stock situation relates to European crisis or some other stock relates to high oil prices or international situation etc. But still I'm scratching:confused: my head WHY telecom who operates within local boundaries or is it 2G spectrum scandal?

Thanks in advance for your views,

WM Moinuddin


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I would guess at the scandle, plus amounts paid for 3G which is yet to show return and per minute billing being forced to per second billing.

praveen taneja

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actually this sector cost more profit less so every quarter on quarter result are going bad to worst and scam are second thing Most of stocks are near bottom but god knows Bottom ke bhi neeche chale jaayeinge if mkt break so better churn portfoio when u get time and switch to PSU banks after or IF fall came as interest rate hike is going to end soon after that we can se huge upmove in bank stocks which are really at price near or below BV

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