JM Telecom fund - has no updates

Does anybody have an idea on what happened to "JM Telecom sector fund". I do not see it listed in JM's web-site and not available for purchase / redemption via my Kotak account. Its NAV has not changed since April 1, 2011. I have some holdings on this fund and I do not see any news / reference related to it in any site. Any details / insights will be useful.


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It has merged with JM Equity Fund. You got JM Equity units in return at price of 36.871 per unit and last nav of Telecom was 7.38 hence if you had units worth 1000 on 1st April, you were alloted 27.12 units of JM Equity. Investors were given a month time to continue with JM equity or redeem JM Telecom but guess you missed the news. The current holding is down by 5% as current nav is 35.128. :)

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