Stochastic False signal??

Ok now, straight to the point, i look at
1) 15EMA and 50SMA crossovers, for the direction of the trend along with
2) stochastics,
3) MACD(momentum),
4) volume,
5) RSI,
6) multiple time frames(1min and 5min)

and i draw trend lines on every cycle high/low.
forgot to add fractals, fibonacci retracements, bollinger (in choppy markets).

I would like to ask our experienced expert technical analyst boarders, that how after all the indicators that i'm using, how come, none of them indicate an incoming false signal. Anything wrong with my setup, or am i missing something here?

Though one observation that I've made recently, is that when both 1min and 5min stochastic %K come below 15%, its not the time to buy, but to short...

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