1. T

    Pivot + stochastic mark

    after Pivot point marked upto stochastic crossed below 80 stylecould mark (as like stochastic marked manually) possible
  2. N

    Hammer Time afl

    Hi guys, Newbie here and I should say you guys are so helpful! I have tried some codes here and been successful in back testing. However, I noticed the behaviour in PSE and it seems the veterans are advanced in giving signals before it appears in our codes. And I was able to research that...
  3. mlg

    Intraday Trading System to Trade Forex with RSI and Stochastic Divergence and Candles

    Intraday Trading System to Trade with RSI and Stochastic Divergence and Candles Hi traders, Did anybody tried fxkeys forex intra-day trading system for stocks. This strategy is initially intended for stocks it seems. Did anybody use it for intra-day trading here, in Indian stock market? The...
  4. J

    Yahoo Charts - MACD & stochastic -- Need help

    Hi All, Can anyone help me with the formula used in Yahoo Charts for MACD & stochastic. I tried various combinations in amibroker, but no success. Any help will really be greatful. Thanks & have great times.
  5. piyush.arora90

    Stochastic False signal??

    Ok now, straight to the point, i look at 1) 15EMA and 50SMA crossovers, for the direction of the trend along with 2) stochastics, 3) MACD(momentum), 4) volume, 5) RSI, 6) multiple time frames(1min and 5min) and i draw trend lines on every cycle high/low. forgot to add fractals...
  6. I

    AFL coding, Plz Help !!!

    Hello Traderji, I am a swing trader and recently bought Amibroker 5.30. I have a trading system which needs to be coded as per AFL. Kindly Help me. Chart: Daily Indicators: Slow Stochstic (9,2), SMA 90. Buy = When Slow Stochastic (9,2) crosses the 20 Level from below & Closing price...
  7. S

    Someone plz tell me where to find

    Hi I want daily stocks scan of all CNX 500 with their DMA,RSI,MACD and STOCHASTICS value .Any one knows plz tell me where to find. skd