Sources for fundamental analysis

You can begin the fundamental analysis of any stock by going through the annual reports of the company, its balance sheet and profit and loss account.
Suppose you want to check any company’s annual report, you can get it on the official website of that particular company.
You can also search for data on the official website of NSE.
There are many online sources to get specific fundamental data for a stock but it’s better to calculate from the company’s annual report. You will get the Annual report of any listed company on it’s website.

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You can perform both fundamental and technical analyses of stocks on this website. The different pieces of information available on this website are general info, chart, news and analysis, financials, technicals, forums, etc. You can also use a number of amazing 'tools' available on this website for free. Try or a good forex broker.
Guess that main sources for fundamental analysis are news, economical forums and various analytical tools, which can help you to determine the direction of your trading activity. Everybody knows that fundamental analysis applies to long-term trading activity, hence it's a bit easier for such traders to stay mentally stable. They don't have to look at the charts throughout a day, mainly because they open a position for long-term purposes, for example for a week or month. So, you should check the news and analyse the words of some economists regarding your preferable asset. Of course, if there is an emergency or unpleasant situation on the market you have to exit a deal.


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The best source of news is twitter because news headlines are released almost instantly while for news media it takes time to compile, edit and post. If you want to trade changes of fundamentals of some asset make sure you get it fast.
There are enough sources in the internet I guess. You can use varuous business news, for example, some traders can rely on the information which is posted by yahoo, I also once tried to run fundamental analysis based on this information and was pretty successful. Remember that everything is quite individual in this case. If we speak about financial indicators of particular companies, then yu should find a source which enlight everything about companies. There are plenty of free websites, however the most part of such sources aren't free of charge and you should pay monthly subscription.
1. Financial statements (e.g., balance sheets, income statements) provide key data for fundamental analysis.
2. Economic indicators, industry reports, and management discussions offer additional insights for evaluating a company's fundamentals.
For fundamental analysis in India, reliable sources include company disclosures on the BSE and NSE websites, annual reports, financial newspapers like The Economic Times and Business Standard, research reports from brokerage firms, and data from the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MOSPI) and Reserve Bank of India (RBI).