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  • Hi trader111, I have a few questions on trading in US exchanges. Kindly respond if you are active. Thanks.

    1. Are there single stock futures in US stock exchanges in equity segment similar to NSE?
    In India, with discount brokers the breakeven point is less than 0.04%. Are the rates as cheap in US markets too?
    2. are US equity futures more liquid compared to Indian equity futures?

    Hi trader111,
    Just read in one of the thread that you trade on NASDAQ.. if you dont mind, can you throw a little more light on how you do it? Also i want to know if one can trade in Forex ( I understand RBI regulations do not allow it for Resident Indians).
    Thanks & regards
    All good brokers like India Infoline, Indiabulls, Religare etc. provide real-time charting. Apart from that, the order book (best five buyers and best 5 sellers) is sufficient to get started. Once you get good hold of basics, going for an advanced charting s/w like amibroker, and tape data provider like esignal will help.
    Hi Trader111,

    I am new to trading. I wanted to from where to get the stock trading data like quotes, volumes, etc. Do you subscribe to any specific data provider, what software do you use to prepare charts? Pls do let me know.

    Currently I am in a small city in central India :) Have given mail-id so that you can communicate in-person.
    Hi trader111
    have not seen you around for a long time?
    hope you are ok.
    wanted to know what i should do if i want to trade u.s markets?
    and how much capital is required to start with?

    take care
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