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I'll second naren, rest is in hands of Amitbe and saint.
Not in the hands of Saint.......all in the hands of Amit...... this thread is great because of him,and nobody else can do justice to it other than him.

Hope he does find some time to carry this thread forward...



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hi everyone.
bharti airtel and indiainfoline have formed hammer candlestick pattern on very heavy volumes today. very bullish. lows made by them today may not be touched for long time now


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this is another thread in which clarify why to take a trade or reject it.
......a good to clear thought process


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Copied from the NET :
Asahai India Glass, after more than doubling in its price from a
low of Rs.70 in June 2006 to a high of Rs.152 in June 2007, has
reacted to a level of Rs.98.25 in July 2007. At the current price
of Rs.106, it is trading in 2C ZONE i.e. short term average has
moved below the medium term average which in turn remains
above long term average and the current price is placed
between medium term and long term averages. Buy in
declines in the range of Rs.100-105 with a stop loss below
Rs.95 for a conservative target of Rs.127 and an optimistic
target of Rs.136. holding period can be 3-4 months.

Is it the right thread to post such message...Please clarify so that in future one can post or can discontinue!!!
Amit has been inactive in this forum from a posting point of view.......although he has been around moderating.

This thread is one of the giants of this forum......not only in quantity but quality as well.

Sticking this thread and hope you benefit from some great stuff contained within.

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