Some Good Steals...

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Hi Amitbe/Saint,

How are you guys doing? Now since Bharti has been rallying for the past few days, and getting lots of media attention and all the good good stuff :) , where do you guys see it heading it from here.

I don't think it should take long from here to break the 500 mark psychological barrier.

Hi Kool,

Amit's not been around for some for Bharti,yes,agreed,there is relative strength here as it takes out previous pivot highs and makes new ones.And yes,matter of time before it cracks the 500 the question is: Do we take the trade and enter here?I wouldn't......I would wait for a pullback to the mov avg before considering an entry here.Too much of a risky play as of now.Would have been neat a few days ago,but not here..............and in the process of waiting for a pullback,I might miss a further move up in Bharti.

That negative divergence on the TRIX monthly worries me,and so too the careful!

Hi Roneeth...thanks and its great to be here amidst all you friends, sharing and learning.

Indiabulls has finally claimed its position up there with the strong ones.
At this point 303-310-317 are important levels to stay above for further moves.
324-331-338 are the likely step up levels at this point.

All the best Roneeth.
Hello Amitbe,

How are you doing? India Bulls is rocking.
Hope all is fine at your end.Miss reading your posts at Traderji.

Thanks and Best Regards

hi guys I'm a new member,
about good steals , check out nandan exim at 12,

got 500 at 12, think it will move out from the bearish phase and start the next bull run the coming week

can anybody suggest a target for the stock


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Educomp Seems To Have Given A Good Breakout From 2200 Levels May Soon See 3000 Levels If Nifty Doesnt Fall Drastically
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