broker comparison

  1. R

    After Finvasia , which broker is cost effective brokerage ?

    Please post your opinions regarding , like to like alternative of finvasia
  2. L

    Does anyone has account in Broker Called " The Next Trade "

    They Provide flat 10 rs Per trade for Every Segments Bank Nifty Option Selling For 2500 Rupees Nifty option Selling For 4500 Offers Seems to be good But I wanted to know Whether they Are legit ? If anyone has account in it please comment Below
  3. money_alchemist

    Broker for Expiry Day Intraday Trading

    Which broker are you using for expiry day trading? I need a broker who provides around 8-10x margin for intraday index option selling and a very low brokerage (< Rs. 20 per trade) or around Rs. 5 per lot. At the same time, I need them to be reliable. So far I have Angel Broking and 5 Paisa in...
  4. A

    Which brokers provide High Intraday Margin for Index Option Sellers?

    I see that it is not easy to find reputed brokers in the market who provide high exposure margin for option selling in intraday and Positional . Here are the parameters: 1. Number of times Margin Provided for Option selling (should not frequently change) 2. Reputed broker? should be operating...
  5. Tejas Khoday

    Feedback for FYERS Mobile App - New Version

    Hi Everyone, I have created this thread for receiving feedback and ideas to upgrade/build our new mobile app. As per the suggestions of @mevaibhav and other Traderji members, creating a new thread solely for this purpose is better and I feel that we can interact on this subject in detail...
  6. TradeOptions

    Comparison between Different Brokers

    If anyone wants to do the comparison between different brokers, then please checkout the sister concern website of at this link - Regards
  7. R

    Slippage comparison

    Hello All, I am trying my hands on algo trading & using Amibroker as a software to generate buy/sell signals. I wanted to know if anyone out here has done any kind of slippage comparison between a discount & full fledged broker. I want to zero in on a broker with minimum slippage. As far as I...
  8. K

    RECOMMENDED Forex Brokers in 2018

    Hey guys, I searched on this forum and could not find any recent thread for recomended forex brokers, please share wghich brokers you use personally and the easy and advantages of that broker as well, if possible. Any answers to this thread would be vastly appreciated! Thanks, Kartikeya.
  9. Sanskar Pathk

    Stable Discount Broker

    I want to open a demat account with a discount broker.I currently have one with icici direct but their brokerages are ridiculously high and the platform they provide is shit. I had made my decision to open one with Zerodha but after researching I found that many people were complaining about its...
  10. B

    Trading Platform in Amibroker

    Can we create tradestation in amibroker that will maintain the account as broker account. Add buy sell short cover. Mainatiain the margin.
  11. V

    2 day workshop on technical analysis

    My fellow traders, National Institute Of Financial Management (An autonomous Body of Ministry of Finance) is organizing a workshop on technical analysis at Faridabad on 17th and 18th October. Faculty are Rakesh Bansal of R.K. Global and Rishi Mehra of Corporate Partners For more...
  12. M

    Which discount brokers supply trailing stop loss for overnight positon?

    Whether in India trailing stop loss (not fixed) is available for overnight positional traders? If not why? Does any discount brokers in india planning to introduce trailing stop loss for overnight trader and who are they?
  13. P

    New to investments

    Greetings!! I'm new to investment in shares. I'm in need of a few clarifications (not individual opinions) with appropriate analysis. -- Is it right time to invest in this present market collapsing situation? -- As I'm not investing huge amount in market at the moment (budget is max...
  14. A

    What taxes and charges does your broker deducts from your earnings on equities?

    I have an account with Karvy and place all orders myself and they are charging me following: Service Tax STT Transaction Charges NSE Handling and other charges Sebi Tax Stamp Duty Brokerage What about your broker? Does your broker charge you same? Especially, Stamp Duty and...
  15. M

    Which broker to choose for Demat & Trading account? Please help.

    I have decided to open accounts in one of the following two companies- Zerodha SMC Online I am a student and maximum investment that I could do is Rs. 2000 (as of now). I would be investing only in equities in delivery medium (No intraday). Mostly for mid-term or long-term. Following...