Max quantity for intraday without significant slippage in intraday?


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I normally trade stocks that are part of NIFTY (50 stocks) for intraday. In equity segment, for intraday, does anyone has any idea how much max quantity of a stock I can buy without having significant slippage and without being seen by the algo's and jobbers( if any)?
I know I can buy as much as I want, but slippages will be very large and also aware that slippages are unavoidable. So need to know how do I derive the maximum quantity of a stock I can buy for intraday. It is a weird question but need the info. Do we have any indicator related to it?
Any equity intraday trader who can share the quantity they normally buy/sell ?


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Maybe I will ask a simple question - Do you use any tactics/strategies to reduce slippages for intraday trading?
Use Limit orders.
Plan the trade well before the move, if stock is moving and you expect to place order of 1L Qty, it'll not get fully filled. At that time mkt order will give you slippage of a lifetime.