Setting up new online forex business - need India Managing Director


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Hi, I looking to establish an India office of a major international online forex trading platform. We are incredibly ambitious and having set up offices in 10 other countries worldwide, we feel the opportunity in India is phenomenal.

I am interested in hearing from only the most experienced, ambitious, entrepreneurial individuals, who have all the necessary skills to make this India's largest forex trading platform.

I would also welcome hearing from respected, proven headhunters who can identify the very best candidates.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi MKal.
We are a Bangalore based single window solutions company specializing in all Fx verticals.
We organize seminars, Training workshops, develop software's to trade Fx, trade Fx, manage funds, trade clients' accounts etc.
Let us know, if we can have business partnership.
Anaida Forex World.


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forex trading in Non Indian pairs is illegal i suppose.


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why dont you tell us how you do forex trading legally with major pairs

and let this debate end whether legal or illegal
There is NO legally-valid way currently to trade in other pairs, sitting in India!

So sooner or later someone somewhere could be behind bars!

Too much of a risk I say!

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