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    How to show meal and conveyance exemption in salary part?

    Hello members, In the salary part of ITR, this year it is asking for specific details for exempt income under section 10. However the drop down does not have meal allowance and conveyance allowance? Under which head can I show the same as exempt income? Meal allowance 13200 and conveyance of 19200?
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    Setting up new online forex business - need India Managing Director

    Hi, I looking to establish an India office of a major international online forex trading platform. We are incredibly ambitious and having set up offices in 10 other countries worldwide, we feel the opportunity in India is phenomenal. I am interested in hearing from only the most experienced...
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    What do you do with your salary hike?

    Global consulting firms Hewitt Associates and Mercer predict that Indian professionals will be getting a salary increase of 10% to 12% this year. I'm curious to know how readers on this forum would use the extra cash? Would you allocate it to your savings, investing, or spend it all...