Send orders from AMIBROKER to MT4

Hello everyone so nice to be apart of this community.

I have searched far and wide and can't even find a post about this. I understand data can be extracted from mt4 to ami.

But I would like to actually send orders from ami to mt4. I'm guessing I would need like a EA script of some sort to read the afl code and then implement it.

Would anyone have any suggestions on how this would be done?
I thought ami website would show this, but it doesn't, so my confidence has fallen because I really wanted to learn this program more in depth.

I have found a couple of links discussing this many years ago but without any great detail. i'm guessing this isn't popular but I thought it would be amazing to try on a demo mt4 account otherwise I will have to use IB( broker )which I don't want to do.

I wait for your reply :):clap:
Amibroker AFL has capability built-in to invoke external programs, the difficulties will be on MT4 side which needs to listen to order events sent by amibroker, MQL coding will act as merely a wrapper, so you would need a DLL with access to shared memory.

A relatively easier approach can be dumping down your amibroker orders into a csv files (AFL can do that) and then inside MT4 onTick() function read that file for orders and grab and then do not forget to delete it from csv.

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