amibroker coding

  1. K

    Find High of first 15min candle

    Hello Everyone, I want to find high of the first 15 min candle. I am using the below code. bi = BarIndex(); arrayitem = SelectedValue(bi) -bi[0]; firstbarHigh = High[arrayitem ]; This code is giving me the close price for the 1st candle. I want High price of the first 15min candle. Plz...
  2. C

    Need afl code for the below inside bar conditions...

    Inside bar Downtrend explorer Conditions for Alert 1.Price less than ema<14 2.Occurance of Inside bar 3.Following candles price action(if any mutiple bars formed) should stay within the Inside bar pattern. ie. thier close should be within the mother candles high. 4.Price break below the...
  3. D

    AFL Code need

    Hello guys, I've no idea about coding, can anyone can help with the following criteria: Daily EMA (20) crossover Daily EMA (50) AND Weekly EMA (20) >Weekly EMA (50) AND Weekly MACD Signal GREATER THAN EQUAL TO 1 Week ago MACD Scan at every 5min interval Alert (Sound and popup) for buy signal...
  4. T

    Help Needed to fix buy and sell Arrow (intraday trading system with back test result attached)

    Dear All, I need help to fix the attached afl file. The buy arrow keeps on coming even during the sell signal. Can someone help me to fix this? when I backtested it on nifty spot data (5mins) it showed results as below am I doing something wrong? Please help to fix it ? feedback...
  5. P

    highest days of EMA broke today

    Hi, I want to find how many max days EMA stock break today? if C>EMA(5) is true & C<EMA(6) is false then afl should return 5 since close broke max of 5 days ema. this things should run in loop for 1 yr say 365 loops total Can help me with this afl. Regards, Paresh
  6. J

    Send orders from AMIBROKER to MT4

    Hello everyone so nice to be apart of this community. I have searched far and wide and can't even find a post about this. I understand data can be extracted from mt4 to ami. But I would like to actually send orders from ami to mt4. I'm guessing I would need like a EA script of some sort...
  7. W

    Amibroker ""PLEASE correct me and help me!!

    Hello hardworking people, I have read your forums , went though multiple sites and cannot find the simple answer i'm looking for, if you would please be kind and offer your assistance it would be most honourable. All I am trying to do is manipulate the program to show me a gapup with a...
  8. I

    Simple rsi based afl

    can someone please write the code in afl with the below conditions.. A buy signal should be generated when RSI crosses above 60 RSI>60 in anytime frame, by taking the smallest possible time frame ie M1 candle close value at that instance similarly a sell signal should be generated when RSI...
  9. A

    Exit at next Day at 9:16 am (intraday trade)

    Hello friends, This afl is for intraday trade. I am new to amibroker afl and was struck in this part.How to exit at next day am or trade next day. I have tried some afl. SetTradeDelays(1,1,1,1); //Open at sell at next day open SellPrice=Open; Thanks for help!!!
  10. A

    Buy signal only once for each day

    Hello friends, I am new to amibroker and was trying my luck in AFL. I want to calculate the first buy signal for the day,then stop the next occurring buy signal for the day. Any help is appreciated!! Thanks
  11. A

    Generate Buy signal once for each day

    Hello there, I have just started learning amibroker and was struck in this problem. I want to generate the Buy signal only "Once" in a day.How can we do that?? Please Help!!!
  12. J

    Amibroker with datafeeds

    Is there any reliable AMI broker software supplier with data feeds of NSE? I need a AFL too.
  13. Sagarocks432

    How one variable stores multi-timeframe values?

    I know that when working on multitime frame we perform operation seperatelty within Timeframeset and Timeframerestore. But how to perform such calculation which stores value of multi-time frame. TimeFrameSet(in5Minute); m=MACD(12,26); n=Signal(12,26,9); a= StochK( periods = 14, ksmooth=3 )...
  14. L

    Friends, Please help me.

    Hi guys! can anybody help me? I want to write a module to explore stocks under cirtain conditions, A) IF PRICE OF STOCK IS IN THE RANGE OF RS.50.00 TO 250.00 1) buy = sma 5 - sma 25 > 2.00, (i.E. DIFFERENCE IN SMA SHOULD BE GREATER THAN 2.00) and sma 5 is crossing above the sma 25, 2)...
  15. R

    Can u help me?

    Hi guys (do we have dolls also here )!!! I need your help to make couple of afl's in amibroker. Ping me , if u have time, patience n expertise. AND above all u must posses a kind heart and a helping hand. Yeah, i know this must be boring to old ami professional but what to do newbies...
  16. K

    Multiple timeframe EMA in hourly chart

    Help needed. Can any senior plot 200EMA of different time frames (hourly , 4hourly and daily) in 1 hourly chart. The strategy is 1)Buy when prices bounce back from 200 EMA (Hourly) , provided price close > Hourly 200EMA > 4 Hourly 200EMA > Daily 200EMA i.e. trend is same (buy) in all these...
  17. V

    amibroker local database intraday data update utility

    i want to create auto intraday data updating utility for amibroker (thru local database/ not with metalib.dll).. i am currently updating it thru metalib.dll, but i want develop it like / application , which can directly update intraday data to amibroker - local...
  18. S

    afl help needed...

    hello senior members, i am seeking help for coding, signals. Say, a specific condition is applied for, buy=xyz; short=abc; i need coding for sell and cover. condition for sell is, sell=buyprice+0.25%of buyprice cover=sellprice-0.25%of sellprice hopefully waiting for...
  19. C

    Please help me implement ticker-specific variables in AFL

    Hello, I have a long-only simple moving average crossover strategy with one added constraint; trades should take place only when the ticker price is in the specified range. I calculate the trading ranges for different tickers in the morning before the trading session at NSE opens. For eg. in...
  20. C

    Help debugging simple AFL code

    Hi, Please help me debug following code. I am encountering error in 6th line when accessing the array Close beyond a certain index. The error encountered is following: Error 10. Array subscript out of range. You must not access array elements outside 0..(BarCount-1) range. You attempted...