HELP: Understanding Short Selling & Penalties imposed for not squaring off


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Hi friends...

I am new to stock trading. My broker is Motilal Oswal.

I had 13500 cash in my trading account. Yesterday, I shorted 500 Unitech @ 30.60. But in the end, Unitech rose to 31.85 and I lost around 650 on it...

I was not on the PC and did not manually square off the deal. I thought it will happen automatically...

But today, my account shows only 7000 in cash... How did I lose so much money? Was that some penalty for not squaring the deal?

Help. I am trying to contact customer service but may have to go there personally to sort it out.

Any help is appreciated.


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My Shares were auctioned and they imposed a 15% penalty on me...

I have learnt to always square-off all trades, especially the shorts, even if I am making a loss...

Day Trading is a sort of gambling... you win some... but you lose a lot...

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