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Goodluck India Ltd - Rs.45/- EPS for 3 quarters totals to Rs.9/-. Book value is Rs.130/-. Considering the market price of Rs.45/-, the shares are very much underpriced.

Dr. Jan Itor

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Indiabulls housing finance ltd - fundamentals are good and dividend yield is good
Rvm sir, this had popped up on my fundamental radar a long while back and I held this for quite some time and suffered losses but ultimately has to exit.
The management is shady and the transactions within group companies are not arms length. Of course, same could be said about other so many companies (including a particular company on which the entire benchmark index is reliant ;) ) There are concerns within its real estate business. Add to that the covid woes, which means uncertainty in housing finance business. Plus there is an astrological problem of Shani on this group in the form of Subramanian Swamy whose PILs keep giving shock moves in this stock.
Can you elaborate on why this appears a good investment to you please...