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Hello all,

A new user here and just navigated the website for a while, seems like there are some excellent users and resources. Since I have gotten into direct stock investing and trading recently, just want to seek help from all the experts here and maybe those who have used the services below.
I have only invested in MFs so far, and looking to invest directly in stocks as well as trade in commodities and stocks.

I totally understand the best way is to learn on your own and make your decisions, relying on no one else. I get that. But I don't think I will be able to learn on my own soon enough (time constraints), so getting some external help, aka recommendations, does not sound that bad, especially if people have had decent experience with it. Without further ado, let me ask the following:

1. For fundamental analysis and buying over medium/long term, what subscriptions/stock recommenders would you suggest? SP Tulsian's membership (website mentions good numbers for med/long term calls)? Ambareesh's subscription on MoneyControl? Others? I think this is easier to track and follow since the investment period is at least a few months and have heard there are good fundamental analysts around? I've heard Tulsian is also good with IPOs?

2. For technical analysis/trading for stocks as well as commodities and currencies - any recommended subscriptions? Heard a few names such as Murarka/Kapadia etc? Anyone has any experience of these or others? I understand these are far more volatile and would have lower success rate, so any informed opinions would be very helpful

3. Finally, if there are discussions/forums on the above here wherein members contribute regularly and share their strategies, I would love to be guided to those as well. Links to them will be highly appreciated.

Thanks guys, and I hope to be able to contribute back to the forum!

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