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From 1400 to 100..almost 90% of price value destroyed... Its show how strong fundamentals are....
I dont invest. I see chart (volume chart in KITE ) .I bought IBUL at 266.9 on thursday . hoping to get 282 tomorrow. I have placed amo buy moar at 260 & MIS AMO sell at 283 . if done & retraces will do one more go round or convert MIS sell to cnc against holdings. end of story for the day.
That is STCG for me ( since iam in stonks market only since last april)
when is dividend/ earning announcement expected for IBULhousingfinance ?

Steel strips & Wheels
Dhunseri Tea
GRM Overseas
I know you are posting good ideas. Great.
but try to post with chart with out price remondendaion. punters can infer where to enter depending on their capacity for stop loss.
Investing dot com site multi stock charts are easy to copy & paste in the body of the forum posting .
(i like & trade below 2 stocks).
Investing com charts only during off market hours & for forum discussion posting as it allows multiple comparison charts
during trading time ofcourse watch zerodha KITE volume chart with CPR, awap 1.2.3. deviations last say 15 days avwap.+
trading view 15 min chart in mobile app (free version ) with 3 favourite setups from library.

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