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Can Fin Homes Ltd @ Rs.550/-
EPS for 2016-17 - Rs.87/-
EPS for Q-I - Rs.26.75
Annualised EPS 26.75 X 4 = 107
p/e ratio less than 6
Book Value about Rs.400/-


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Reliance Industries also had issued 1:1 bonus in Sept'17.
EPS for first half will be Rs.29/- and annualized will be around Rs.60/-
Book value will be around Rs.40/-.
Even then, at current level, it is considered to be a good investment for long term.


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Elnet Technology - Rs.187/-
EPS for 2 Quarters is Rs.13/-.
Annualised EPS will be Rs.26/-
p/e will be around 7
Book value about Rs.150/-

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