1. A

    Finding the formulae inside chartink scanners which are private

    Hello, I am trying to find a scanner on chartink but it's been private. Like this: Is there anyway to find the formulae inside chartink scanners which are private ? Thanks, Best Regards.
  2. A

    Amibroker - Get Study (Drawings on chart) Array on Exploration

    Hello, I have drawn few study lines on the chart and want to get its data in Exploration. I am not getting this data when i use the 'Study' function and try to add it in Exploration using 'AddColumn' function. Request help to resolve this. Thanks! Anuma
  3. MCXgain

    Need help in improving Non- rapainting AFL to scan stocks

    Hi, I’m working on a intraday stock scanner which is plotting the signal on previous bars in many cases(see the attached image for clarification). I would be grateful if anyone can help me modifying its behavior and plot the signal on current bar. https://ibb.co/czL8p6 https://ibb.co/h1ypwm...
  4. M

    How to Show Exact Trade Price in Backtest Window

    Dear All, Here I have Attached Backtest Window Screenshot. Here Price and Ex.Price are showing Candle CLOSE Price. I want to show here Correct BUYor SELL or SHORT or COVER Price Details. Can you help how to do this ?
  5. R

    Need help with AFL for Exploration - Urgent

    Hello Everyone, I am new to coding and I have been struggling with a very basic requirement of mine. I need the AFL code for an exploration that will read "Bull" when the +DI crosses the -DI and ADX (range 14) is going above 25. Similarly to read "Bear" when the -DI crosses the +DI and ADX...
  6. frisky

    REQUEST - Just need an exploration for Supertrend (already AFL ready created by KelvinHand)

    Hi, I am sure there would be lot of experts out here who are well versed on coding. What I am proposing is to have an exploration to be implemented for already existing AFL which is created by "Kelvinhand". So, the main thing is , I am trying to establish/re-create a paid version AFL of...
  7. MCXgain

    Amibroker Exploration Help

    Hi I'm trying to create an ami exporation AFl which will scan stock for "intraday fall from high" and "intraday recovery from low". The section is supposed to scan for % change and provide net % change value with color. Its showing no value instead. Would be grateful if I could find some help...
  8. P

    Need AFL to scan NSE list of equities not traded since past 1 month

    Hi all, I need an AFL to scan updated NSE Amibroker database for list of equities not traded since past 1 month. Can anyone assist with a simple code? Thanks in advance ...
  9. S

    HELP- exploration afl for days left in N-day bar.

    hello all, for the exploration of daysleft in N-day bar i tried this one- for( i = 1; i <=9; i++ ) { TimeFrameSet(i*indaily); daysleft=(i-barcount%i); Filter= 1; AddColumn(daysleft, "DL"); TimeFrameRestore(); } but the results were quite different from actual. possible reason is...
  10. S

    exploration in amibroker offline

    hi freinds, is it possible in amibroker to explore on intraday data ( 5m or 15 min or 10 min etc separately) offline? If so pls guide me. i mean i have to check after market hours. thanking you
  11. F

    Hello to all of you

    Hi, I'm Fred I am trading for a couple of year now. Only stock and ETF because these are the only trading product that I really understand. I trade trending stock that are in a pull back. I use Amibroker to dig my day list. I'm a big fan of wise Stock Trader and Traderji were people share...
  12. X

    Exploration AFL Debugging

    Greetings! I like to share with you a first alpha stage of a code Im writing in order to make basic indicator exploration on a daily, weekly and monthly timeframes with a "Percentage ScoreRank" result system. This alpha is basically the main body of a more complicated code (that will and...
  13. A

    AFL Exploration: Previous Day High Low Breakout

    Hi Members, Below is the AFL plotting lines on previous day High Low values. I am trying to create an Exploration, scanning all the stocks that close above previous day high and below previous days low. Please help. Thanks all. //*********************************************...
  14. A

    AFL Exploration

    Hi All members, Below afl plots High and Low for: Previous day & 3rd day from today. How can I create an exploration so that all the stocks that close above these two lines show up in the scan. Please help. //-------------------------------AFL---------- _SECTION_BEGIN("Price1")...
  15. N

    Comparing results of intraday explorations and highlighting new stocks on the list

    Hello, I use Amibroker to Scan/Explore market during the session (Real Time Data). I have some explorations which I run every 5-15 minutes. The problem is, that the result of each exploration is a quite long list of shares meeting my criteria. That is OK when I run the exploration for the first...
  16. A

    Stock pick / screener exploration

    Hope traderji pals will find this useful Stock pick/screener exploration ==================== Buy criteria : (Combining leading + lagging indicators) 1) EMA3 crosses EMA15 from below 2) Price > 25 3) MACD crosses Signal from below OR 4) Stochastic %K crosses %D from below For...
  17. J

    Help Required: Amibroker Exploration / Scan is not working

    Hi Amibroker experts / All, I am new to Amibroker and I am currently using Amibroker trial version with RT data from Market Data Provider. I am not able to get any Buy/Sell signals from Amibroker Scan or Exploration for current time or near future. I have tried exploring / scanning Dhiraj...