1. T

    Supertrend wipsaws can be reduced

    Dear all, Many of us here use super trend for trading. I found a way to avoid lot of false super trend signals using Alligator & Fractals. Now the system is as follows. To trade it put following on chart, 1] Supertrend with default 2] Alligator 3] Fractals Buy Signals: When super trend goes...
  2. frisky

    REQUEST - Just need an exploration for Supertrend (already AFL ready created by KelvinHand)

    Hi, I am sure there would be lot of experts out here who are well versed on coding. What I am proposing is to have an exploration to be implemented for already existing AFL which is created by "Kelvinhand". So, the main thing is , I am trying to establish/re-create a paid version AFL of...
  3. Scalper

    Day Trading Crude & Nifty using SuperTrend

    Hello Traders, I am an small trader who traded some time back and lost some money. Due to family business work I quit. Now I have time to trade so I decided to start trading. I am starting this thread as a trading diary to improve my trading by taking suggestions from seniors. I decided to...
  4. M

    Repainting Vs Non-Repainting SuperTrend

    Hello guys. Good day to you all. I would like to know the difference between Repainting and Non Repainting Supertrend. Also where can I get Supertrend Indicator for Amibroker 6.0 Thanks in advance. :) Repainting Vs Non-Repainting SuperTrend
  5. V

    Learn to spot high profit signals

    Hi, I am analysing a signal. Trade set up : 1. Supertrend 5 Mint tick 2. 20 EMA 3. Slow stochastics Sell when 5 Minute bar convincingly breaks the supertrend support and 20 EMA. Slow stochastic should be close to oberbaught. There was a fine trade today in Nifty today...
  6. Sagarocks432

    How to change timeframe for this code [Supertrend 3]?

    I have this code of Supertrend 3, when I run it on scanner of Amibroker. It always search for 5min signals only. Can you change it to 15min and daily timeframe so that it works n give signal based on new timeframe? Which line of code determine the timeframe. Please Help..:confused: //Removed...
  7. R

    My Trading Strategy Needs Coding

    Hi, Below is my simple strategy. Request to write AFL for same. AFLs of the components are available on net and on Traderji. I buy when Volume Zone Oscillator, VWAP and SuperTrend all are positively in Buy Mode. And do wait for reverse signals on all 3 to initiate a Short. Tried to put...
  8. L

    BEST PARAMETER SETTINGS for SUPERTREND indicator for Nifty and banknifty for intraday

    Hi friends I am using SUPRETREND INDICATOR in MT4 for over a year now. i am not able to find appropriate settings for NIFTY and BANKNIFTY for intraday and positional trading. if any one have done any research and found out any good parameter settings kindly let me know.. i need help from you...
  9. G

    Reliance Capital supertrend 60 min

    Rel Cap if someone had traded via supertrend in apr/may 2014 wud have made a least I did not..and now looking at charts blankly ..lost opportunity.
  10. G

    Natural Gas 15 min Supertrend Method

    NG 15 min Supertrnd strategy 12/5 Buy Sell Profit/loss 264.95 264.43 + .52 259.34 + 5.09 16/5 262.38 +3.04 19/5 260.58 +1.8
  11. K

    Intraday Strategy with Super Trend Indicator

    Hi,,... If anyone have used Super Trend indicator for the intraday strategy for stocks??? Please share your view.
  12. A

    supertrend indicator

    Hi, I want to know your views on supertrend indicator. Does it really helpful in commodities ?:)
  13. J

    Can someone help me to convert from Metastock to Amibroker

    Hi, Can someone help me to convert from Metastock to Amibroker? This is a Supertrend, I found here in this Forum some similar translations, but they aren't the same. I tried and compared a lot of them. Factor:=Input("Factor",1.00,10.00,3.00); Pd:=Input("ATR Periods",1,100,10)...