PyAlgoTrade - An excellent open source python library


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In some other thread working url of googe is shared, you can check that and see whether the utility starts working ?
Thanks Manoj ....I tried checking I but not sure why it isn't working .I am not a programmer and somehow was able to code , download / convert to csv / change date and other time as per format easy to import but being a non developer it takes me ages so achieve above stuff...I have simply shared in case some dev guy can use it if required for learning purpose.


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F & O winning strategy Challenge

Can any one give F & O strategy that gives +ve returns month after month.

1) The Backtest period should be minimum from July 2017 till Last Month.
2) You can include more than one instruments but it should not exceed three instruments.
3) you can have maximum of 4 option legs in any of these intruments.
4) You cannot change the Rules in between.
5) You can have a weekly adjustments (in case of Bank Nifty).
6) Strategy should be based on EOD data close price only.
7) IMPORTANT: The strategy should win every month or atleast should have a positive result (minimum 3% per month Return on Investment) at the end of the Back Test


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Those people who use AFL are either naive or a non porgrammer. If you are a professional quant/algo trader then they would prefer python instead of AFL.

  1. Its free
  2. Its open source
  3. Community of developers
  4. its DAMN fast

Comparing to python; AFL is nothing especially for algo trading. Most of the quant/algo traders uses python.

That said I have tried a long time ago PyAlgoTrade but I find it very complex and lack of tutorials make it much more difficult. It would be helpful if you can continue with some small sample codes.

A REQUEST: I hate classes in python can you rewrite the codes with only functions.
Completely wrong!!! AFL is also very sophisticated and many programmers use it.

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