Excellent Free Webinars on Algorithmic Trading


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These are the best webinars I have ever come across.

29th May | From Concept to Automation – 9 Trading Strategies
30th May | Algorithmic Trading using Machine Learning in Python
31st May | Kickstart Guide to Algorithmic Trading
1st June | Algorithmic Trading Using Amibroker and MTv3
4th June | Algorithmic Trading Using Node.js/Python in Upstox API
9th June | Real and Profitable Algorithmic Trading
11th June | Investment Management through Quant SIP
12th June | Handling Data Programmatically for Algorithmic Trading

Timings: 8:00 pm onwards.

For full details, speakers, registration etc. visit https: // algoji . com / webinars/ (remove spaces in link)

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