Positional/intraday Trading Tips

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NIFTY:if trades above 4103,then only buy ,if trades below 4065,the target is 4041,4016 and 3997.

RCOM:if trades above 467,then only buy,if trades below 459,the target is 451 and 447.

RELCAPITAL:if trdaes above 789,remain long.

ONGC:its not able to cross our resistance of 939 from 2 days and today it fell below 917 as written.now,if trades below 923 the target is 904 and 894.

BHARTI:if it trades above 835,then only buy,if trades below 817,the target is 809 and 798.

TATAMOTORS:all targets hit today,asking to short from 755 levels.now if doesnt trades above 733,then shortsell and target is 718,714 and 707.buy only if trades above 735.

INFOSYS:if trades below 1969,then only short,if trades above 2018,then buy for a target of 2045.

IFCI:if trades below 47,the target is 46,buy only if trades above 50 now.

SATYAM:asking from 3 days from 475 levels to short and daily asked to keep shorts opened,now if trades above 466,then only buy,otherwise ,if trades below 452,the target is 445 and 442.

SBI:if trades above 1138,then only buy for a target of 1147 and above,if trades below 1103,then short it for a target of 1070 and 1064.
Hitesh , u r not giving stop losses. Please also give stop losses
i did come up and gave modified tips.see tatamotors stoploss given and nifty stoploss was also given,now if i said short ongc if trades below 917,when it breaks 917,u short,so,its obvious ur stoploss is 924,as written in these tips earliar as the level above which u shall buy ongc.
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