Identifying Trend Reversal Point for intraday and positional

How to identify the trend reversal for intraday and positional trading?

How to see the reversal in the chart?

I need detailed analysis of various senior members with their trading styles.

generally, entry is easy for me. but exit is little hard. because, i am struggling to find the trend reversal.

Please give your views.

Advance Thanks to all:clap:
According to Me,Exit should be determined solely based on the STRATEGY which you are using to initiate trade OR the Returns% which you are satisfied with. It may be 0.5%, 1 or 2 % , or even 5 or more % incase of breakout strategies.

Each strategy will have unique exit rules, for example SH315 strategy has its own exit rules which may not applicable for some other 'x' strategy.

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