Planning to get insured, any suggestions on the life insurance companies?


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Remember only 1 insurance is good enough! You don't need multiple life insurances as your kins can only get 1 in case anything happens.

Govt companies have cheaper premiums
I don't think there is any restriction of this sort. What you are talking is true for non life policies.
In any case larger sum insured policies say above 1 crore do not get paid out in full compared to amounts below this threshold.this can be seen for all insurance companies. Hence it makes sense to buy multiple policies above 1 crore as per your net worth or earnings.


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Dear friends
Some tips for buying insurance:
1. For life insurance always go for online term insurance. The sum insured should be roughly 15 times of your annual income. Online term costs nominal.
2. You should take one mediclaim from any general insurance company.
3. Always insure your assets and liabilities.
4. All companies are good, just check their "Claim to Paid" ratio.

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