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I am a Certified Financial Planner and have designed a unique Personal Financial Planning Software for individuals as well as for Financial Advisors. You can generate automated 15 page comprehensive financial plan addressing all major aspects of personal finance like Risk Profiling, Goal Planning, Retirement Planning, Asset Allocation, Insurance Planning, Loan Management, Budgeting, Cash-flow, etc.

The sole purpose of designing this software is to provide secured and highly affordable access to Financial Planning for retail investors. Individuals can plan and secure their finances while Financial Advisors & Distributors can effectively engage with their clients and generate more Business!

Attaching Sample Financial Plan prepared with this software. Do try Free Demo Software Today. Visit https://ultimatefinplan.com/ufp-application/ to know the features and for downloading the software.

Please do share your feedback and I would be happy to also publish your testimonial on my website with your consent!

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Nikhil Kale



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Thanks for sharing! I’ve been just looking for something to help me form a financial plan. I need to manage my investments correctly, and it seems risky to do it intuitively. I never used bots or any online sources, but I hope it is effective. However, I feel a little skeptical about this. The bot may not know all the special features of my situation, and it also doesn’t know when the worldwide economics change, which can change my investment purposes. I read here at http://www.mcgeewm.com that planning a financial project guarantees success, so I think I can spend some more money on a real specialist. Or shouldn’t I? any suggestions are appreciated.
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