Planning to get insured, any suggestions on the life insurance companies?

I can’t vouch for other insurers, but I would suggest my life insurance company, Birla Sun Life Insurance. I found their approach quite straight forward. Check their website for more details.


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Go to PLI / RPLI
Limited plan & limited policies... (minimum benefit to agent, hence no wide marketing like other company)
If you want to buy life insurance policy for you, there are many life insurance companies in India. But how to choose the life policy for you so you can compare life insurance quotes online from Get the best companies quotes and check the premium rates of life policy. If you get the best life insurance policy in suitable rates so you can buy the policy


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Planning to get insured, any suggestions on the life insurance companies?
Too vague query.

What asset are you insuring? For whose benefit? For how long do you need insurance? Do you only want risk coverage or do you also want your have your unused premium returned with some growth on it?

Are you OK with ULIP kind of products? ....

All companies are same and use more or less same actuarial data; Some company such as uses optimistic sell projections, other uses pessimistic...

LIC tends to offer better product but packaging, the presentation and documents that they send you appear to be from 19th century. Provided you can find a smart and honest agent, LIC is a good choice. Otherwise, you'll be sold the trending product of the month.

Private insurance companies are big cheats despite all their TV ads. They cheat their own agents and own employees, so safety of customer is a very big ask.
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Planning to get insured, any suggestions on the life insurance companies?
PMs social security scheme 2 lac cover for premium of 330 per year

"PMJJBY on the other hand will offer a renewable one year life cover of Rs 2 lakh to all savings bank account holders in the age group of 18-50 years, covering death due to any reason, for a premium of Rs 330 per annum per subscriber."


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Remember only 1 insurance is good enough! You don't need multiple life insurances as your kins can only get 1 in case anything happens.

Govt companies have cheaper premiums
Hi Mr. Bhimsen Trivedi,

There are so many life insurance providers in market & you can choose any on of them which you think best suits for you. But I personally recommend you to get suggestion or feedback from your colleagues or friends on same. I & my dad have Future Generali Life Insurance policies & I personally feel they are best & very prompt in their services.

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