Physical Shares Lost & other DEMAT issues - How to sell shares ? Help appreciated

Getting a duplicate share certificate is time consuming ,tedious and expensive process .i may be able to guide you the exact process if details are provided....
What details would be needed - let me know.

We are having trouble finding the certificates itself, due to the physical transfer deadline this topic came up and I tried looking up my options.


PHYSICAL SHARES consultation
First write to the company /registrar by registered post saying loss of share certificate of FOLIO NO ....... and request for issue of duplicate .
the signature on this request letter should match with the signature with records of company..
the company will ask for many documents like Affidavit ,indemnity bond ,2 surities (guarantors ) with net worth details like balance sheet ,police complaint ,paper advertisement etc etc.
please start the process will come across many hurdles but you have to follow this requirements.if value of share is big company may ask for audited balance sheet of guarantors and even bank guarantee .the process will take more than 6 months or perhaps a year or more depends on how fast you proceed with required documents.
i am doing the process for getting duplicate share certificate of HPCL and Tata elxi hence i might know the latest how the registrar's keep on asking documents .
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Hi dellormicrosoft,

Could you get your shares transferred and dematerialized?

I am facing similar situation where some shares of earstwhile ICICI (now ICICIBank) were there in my fathers name and he is no more.
The certificates kept lying with my mother among docs, and no action was taken in the meantime.
Recently we found out about these.

Mods/WellKnownMembers ... any suggestions/pointers to informative threads would be welcome!
Hi Deep, we can help you open a demat account and will also guide you on how to convert your physical shares to demat. Request you to share your contact number and city details here so that we can assist you further.

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