lost physical shares transfer


I have lost some old physical shares. I have already received a FIR and in a process to send necessary documents to the company and share broker.

But I want to transfer those shares directly to my son's name ( he has a demat account).

Is there a way to do that( using affidavit or something)?

Please advice.
IMO, your broker will be the best advisor in this regard. But, I dont think there will be a short cut method to transfer shares directly in your sons demat.


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No its not possible, You have to transfer the physical shares to your son's name and then your son can convert them in to demat. You cant directly convert your physical share to your Son's demat account.
So contact your company's secretary for transferring physical shares from your name to your son's name. Once it is transferred now it will become your son's shares. Now your son can send this certificates to the broker to convert them to demat.

There is no other way. Hope this helps


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it is just not possible to transfer i mean obtain a duplicate share certificate on some one else name . first you have to get it on the original name itself and this too is a very long ,tedious and expensive process.
you may kindly guide me what is the status now ?