list of brokers that can hold physical shares , please help ?

Hi All,

I need to transfer my Dialog Semiconductor PLC ordinary shares to an online stockbrokers to hold for me and allow me to sell these shares online and also to buy other shares basically start share dealing. I would also wish to open an account for my wife and transfer some of these shares to her name and account.

Below is the name of the shares and their WKN & ISIN id details. I have now contacted four online stockbrokers but when I gave them the share id details they said they couldn't hold these shares or trade with them.

Can anyone in this online trading forum please help me, all I'm looking for
is a list of online brokers that can handle these shares ?

The name of the shares are :

Dialog Semiconductor PLC Ordinary Shares

WKN 927200

ISIN GB0059822006

Many Thanks in advance for any help,


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