Options payoff charts for strategies -Excel


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It may not be as good as what Swaminathan had uploaded (I have no idea) , but here is a link to an Excel file which can be of some help in analysing Option Payoff!!

I have attached a file I have done in excel for calculation Options payoff for a portfolio of Options Contracts in a same security. This may be useful in creating option strategies like stradles, strangles etc.

Option traders may find it useful.
Worksheet - notes

The Notes how to use is given in a worksheet named notes.

Worksheet - Calculator
You shud enter your contract decriptions in calculator worksheet. You shud enter in green color cells. Brokarage shud be given in percentage only. Action is nothing but you are buying or selling a call or put. For Buying a call enter BC, Selling a call SC, Buying a put PC, Selling a put SP. Premium is the price of the option when u have entered.

In this sheet itself you will get the p and l for individual contracts plus nett portfolio for various spot market prices.

In the Chart you will get the Pay off chart for individual positions as well as the net portfolio of options.

If find useful reply, I will tell hot to include futures contract in this portfolio payoff.

Since we cannot upload a file more than 100kb, I ave reduced a part of this file. So if u find any mistake pls inform, I will zip the whole file and upload.
I cant find the file.
Please could you mail me the file on:
[email protected]