Nifty Magic Levels for March 8th


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For Monday 8th the Magic points are 5113 and 5062.Below are the two levels to trade Nifty Futures.Wait for Nifty to come to any of the levels and trade accordingly.
Level 1)BUY NIFTY FUTURES ABOVE 5124 S/L below 5103

LVL 2) Buy NIFTY FUTURES ABOVE 5073 S/L below 5052
Sell below 5051 S/L above 5072

8th March Pivots

For today 5th March the Magic points were 5111 and 5061 and low was 5065 and high was 5116.


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Shoby hope to hear from u everyday and would like to watch ur nifty magic levels

Yes I am just trying to help small investors who r unable to make money in trading....I have gone through much pain and losses myself before and felt this levels work to give more profits than losses.I have been following this for past 3 months only and found it satisfactory.yes you watch it for some days and if its working try it in ur trading ...only after that.what works for me may not work for other as trading is a mind game. whats there to loose in watching....i will try my best to update daily


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My My!!!! 5145 had nothing Magic on was just 20 points from my buy and so I booked there....why its THE HIGH for so long I really dont know....


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NIFTY10MARFUT RL S 100 5145.00 Normal 2010030850940002 50318590 12:54:38 PM Margin .....this is the actual Trades from ODIN

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