Newbie to investment into mf, need your help

Hi, I am 26 yrs old unmarried person my income is 60k per monthI have bank account with SBI and want to invest into mutual funds and stocks.
Current Investment :
1. SBI Gold ETF
(a) Mode of Investment : SIP
(b) Duration : 36 months, Status Now : 19/36
(c) Amount : 1000/- pm
2. SBI Pharma
(a) Mode of Investment : lumpsum (bought this month)
(b) Duration : not fixed will hold atleast for 1 year
(c) Amount : 5000/-
3. SBI Infrastructure (bought this month)
(a) Mode of Investment : lumpsum
(b) Duration : not fixed will hold atleast for 1 year
(c) Amount : 7000/-

Future Investment :
I want to do invest 15,000/- from next month onwards in equity funds, please guide me if I have choosen correct fund for investment, let me know if any amendments need to be made
Requirements :
1. I want to invest into SBI mutual funds only
2. Don’t have to invest into insurance policy as I am already insured
SBI Emerging Bussiness 3000 12 yrs SIP
SBI Global Magnum 3000 11 yrs
SBI Gold ETF 3000 9 yrs
SBI Pharma 3000 7 years
SBI IT 3000 5 years

Investment in Stocks :
I want to invest into direct stocks may be after 6 months If at all I have some spare money to take risk so which one is the best trading account, Since I have account with SBI shall I go with them. Once invested in stock I rarely keep track of it, its like investing and then forgetting for 6-8 months and then having a look at it and do necessary amendments if required, I am planning to invest every 6 months into stocks the spare money which I will be having.
It is good that you want to invest in equities (mutual funds).
Best part is, your age. You are starting so early that you can accumulate good corpus over a longer period of time.

But, it is utter non-sense to think of investing in only one AMC.

You have to diversy across multiple AMC and funds.

On your positive input, will provide funds' names.

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