mutual fund investments

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    Are banking apps safe for investing in mutual funds or SIP?

    There are many banking apps that are actually allowing to invest in the mutual fund or start or SIP. Is it worth and are they insightful to use just like other apps have been sharing the market insights.
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    Has anyone used the Digibank app for investing in the mutual fund?

    I wanted to know that experts on this platform use which platform to invest in the mutual fund. Also, I wanted to know the best medium which should and can be used for investing in the mutual fund.
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    Why to invest in SIP and How to invest in SIP?

    At this time, when our economy is down, I just wanted to know is it suggested to invest or not in the mutual funds.
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    ETF Gold MFs

    Hi All, I would like to invest lump-sum in gold ETF MF or any other MF, which I can invest in lump-sum. Following are my expectations: Duration: Short-term annual: around 12% The reason, I would like to invest in lumpsum, because I am already doing SIPs in various MFs. Any help is highly...
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    Mutual Funds Investment.

    An investment programme funded by shareholders that trades in diversified holdings and is professionally managed.
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    Need help with mutual fund portfolio

    Hello expert, I am going to invest in mutual fund with monthly SIP of 50 K for > 7 years in mutual fund. Kindly go through my portfolio below and provide your valueable opinion on the funds selected. The target I want to reach is 2 crore(with indexation) for financial freedom within 7- 10...
  7. 5paisa

    Mutual Fund Recommendations - 5Paisa

    In this thread, you may ask about the various types of mutual funds you wish to include in your investment portfolio, and we shall give you suggestion with explanation to help your investment corpus grow.
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    SIP monthly investment

    Dear Sir, I am 37 year old and I started my mutual fund investment from March 2017. Below are the MF I am investing on monthly basis. 1. ABSL Small & Midcap Fund Growth-DIRECT - 2000 2. ABSL Frontline Equity Fund -Grow-DIRECT -2000 3. ABSL Advantage Fund - Growth-DIRECT- 1500 4...
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    How to calculate online the return on mutual fund investments?

    Is there any online tool or calculator to calculate the return on mutual fund investments? Thanks in advance.
  10. V

    Review about PPFAS Mutual Fund

    I want purchase long term mutual fund . I want know that PPFAS Mutual Fund is good for long term ?
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    Suggestion on Mutual Fund investment?

    I have few goals in my list. One of the major goal is buying house which requires a down payment amount of around 8-10 Lac. Goal: Build 10 Lacs corpus in 3 yrs. Age: 34 Risk: I can go for High risk funds an looking for aggressive plans/ Based on my goal I have selected few Mutual...
  12. L

    Newbie to investment into mf, need your help

    Hi, I am 26 yrs old unmarried person my income is 60k per monthI have bank account with SBI and want to invest into mutual funds and stocks. Current Investment : 1. SBI Gold ETF (a) Mode of Investment : SIP (b) Duration : 36 months, Status Now : 19/36 (c) Amount : 1000/- pm 2. SBI Pharma...
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    Assessing the Best Mutual Fund

    Today there are a number of mutual fund schemes available in the market with different track records. Further, with new launches happening every few months, an investor is perplexed and confused as to where should he invest his hard earned money. Should he select the top mutual fund based on the...
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    Are there any taxes or charges except Capital Gains and Exit Load ?

    Hi, I have a specific query regarding the Mutual Fund Investment I made. I bought MF-X at: Units Purchased: 429.369 NAV when Purchased: 46.58 Total Cost Price: 429.369 * 46.58 = 20000/- I sold MF-X when the exit load of 1% was applicable at: Units Sold: 429.369 NAV when Sold:43.53...
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    Need help to decide new portfolio

    Hi, I am 30 and I am having SIP of 1500 per month in below funds. It has been two years since I have these SIP in place. Now I want to revisit the portfolio to get the latest views. Could you please help me decide whether my decision to stop/continue/new buy looks good or not? I have other...
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    Remove broker from existing SIP

    Hi, I have couple of SIP running from 2 years in different Mutual funds. Due to some reasons and couple of different instance, I am not happy with the quality of service of my broker\agent. I dont want to stop my SIP, but I want to remove my broker from the future installments. The...