Hello from NewBie to World of Trading/Investment

Dear Friends,

Good Day :)

Myself just new and joined today this wonderful form that landed while searching online for Stock Trading Ticker updates online :)

1) Self trading/investing experience started as Gulf NRI with help of Mr. Mani a South Indian friend.

2) This experience started in early 1992 with first investment of only Rs.3K to buy from Zee TV 100 shares from Enam Securities by filling out NRI quota form.

3) Therefore self area of interests started from IPO's/ to Mutual Fund but stayed away initially from secondary market/futures/options/commodities, etc.

4) Like stated earlier, self was novice in making any trading decisions, so it was by seeking guidance from those who were already in this trading of shares.

5) Discovered this forum while searching for stock bar ticker at Google search, and landed to this forum due to posting by Mr. Pankaj Jaha about Ticker.

6) Noting some real good specialists operating in this wonderful forum, decided to join and have one to one interaction and further confidence building on dealing with Stock related issues.:thumb:
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