New Trading Software for MT4

I have come across this free trading software, VisualRMM Interactive System.

The software have some very interesting features and it's based on your own predefined Risk & Money Management rules.
The system gives you in real time interactive support and warning messages, this in order to minimize losses and lock in profit
on a daily basis. All your trades can easily be imported, this to get a total picture of your trading performance.

It is a stand-alone system though, not an EA. I have been using it for some time and it works great.

I would like to share it with you.

Click to download VisualRMM Interactive

VIDEO, click to watch VisualRMM Interactive

My dear friend,

Lots of people searching the same thing since than broco and bfd stops live feed. However broco is broco is still providing feed for Gold & Crude with a drawaback. Nothing gets saved. Each time you have to set the terminal right from login to showing symbol onwards.

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