1. S

    DSIJ - Magazine

    Is it possible to get dalal street investment journal magazine for free download on every release?
  2. R

    Any free intraday commodities strategies?

    Please post links to FREE intraday commodities strategies: http .html (70% success rate strategy) https strategy/
  3. M

    technical software

    please let me know any website is providing free intraday live charts. Because I am beginner in this field, I cann't afford for paid charts. thanks, Mullangi
  4. E

    Scanner/Screener websites

    Hi , i wanted to ask about Websites that Scan/Screen stocks based on defined indicator parameters. Currently i use many different website yet unable to get desired output. Any advice?
  5. E

    Free Technical Analysis Software

    Hi everyone, i wanted to ask others about Free Technical Analysis Software. It should have all basic indicators like MACD,Force index,ADX,RSI etc with ability to change parameters and create new indicators. Ability to scan/screen watchlist based on user defines indicator parameters is vital...
  6. infor

    STOCK Signals, Counters Expected to show movement

    I am posting Fews stocks where according to my study some movement could be expected for sure. STOCK Close Signal Date of Signal Generation COALINDIA 282.55 Sell 10/11/13 CORPBANK 262.2 Buy 10/11/13 DELTACORP 71.05 Buy 10/11/13 DENABANK 49.75 Buy 10/11/13...
  7. M

    Stock trading software

    hello friends, i m not a stock trader like u all, i m a software developer(open source), i had worked on different kinda SAP,ERP soutions, but for the first time i m trying to develope a software solution for stock market. You guys might be thinking tht what i want from u???..guys as being new...
  8. H

    Intraday calls..(high risk)

    i start this thread to post the intraday signals which i get from the excell sheet which i developed for my intraday trading..its is of high just sharing my signals...u can follow it in your own risk... stock market contains both loss and profit...
  9. S

    New Trading Software for MT4

    I have come across this free trading software, VisualRMM Interactive System. The software have some very interesting features and it's based on your own predefined Risk & Money Management rules. The system gives you in real time interactive support and warning messages, this in order to...
  10. S

    Hakija: A free NSE End of day data downloader

    Greetings!, I would like to introduce my new software Hakija, to all the TraderJi members. Hakija, is an opensource(free with source code available) NSE End of Day Data Downloader written in Python. No other installations like .NET framework, Java anything else is required. It downloads...
  11. S

    QuantShare - A free Technical Software with fully features

    Quantshare A Free Technical study Software. Download Here for Free:thumb: QuantShare is an advanced trading software that offers a unique charting experience, several backtesting features and can handle multiple databases. It includes a lot of plug-ins, like the downloader, the...
  12. infor

    Free Daily Tips

    Hi Everybody I am starting this new thread to provide Nifty and Banknifty Daily free tips. I have been getting good success on this and wants to share the same. These tips are truely based on Technical and fundamental analysys and accuracy is more than 95% unless there is no major...
  13. H

    Live yahoo messenger buddy for realtime stock quote of any stock all over the world

    Hi freinds at last i created a auto response system for yahoo messanger just add the id in yahoo massanger and find out the stock quote from around the world stocks exchange. Just enter the script code to know the stock current price. The id is [email protected] Inter the company...
  14. L

    Odin data to ab through dde link to excel

    Hi, to day I have been able to link odin to AB through excel as server to the DDE link to AB. How to link excel to AB is here-