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yeah this thread must be made sticky.
GR8 Work my frnd.
that could be a problem, as traderji's post in this thread is already made sticky.
may i request traderji to add this link in his introductory post, as this would give a one stop feel of what all could be read by a new member initially.

Hi all,

I was very busy with my office work for the past 2months. No time to visit traderji. Will try to involve in the discussions from now.

Hello I am new and already finding this forum to be wonderful and having useful information. I hope to learn a lot from this site. Thanks for such a good site
Hello all,

Update: New links added

I've added some more links in the first post of this thread. To go to the first page, please click here:

The topics for which the link have been added are:

--Technical Analysis
4. System Implementation Exercise.
5. Pattern trading.
6. Basics for Technichal Analysis.

--Stock tips and chart analysis
1. Complete collection of 'tips' related threads.

2. Q & A with Traderji:[/b]
3. Designing a System from scratch :
4. "Teach a man to fish ..." Compilation : A nice work done by one of our member. This is a compilation of the posts in the infamous thread - "Teach a man to fish" by Saint.

Thanks and regards,

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