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Traderji has got huge information on various topics. This thread will highlight some of the important and popular threads, which some of the new members will be searching for. I will try to provide reference to most of the "wanted" threads. I will keep adding useful links.


I will keep adding any important links in THIS post, which will be highlighted for some time

Last updated: 11-Sep-2008

Technical Analysis

Learn Technical analysis from the bottom
1. Teach a man to fish.. :
This thread is the perfect start for any new person who wish to learn trading.
2. Experiments in Technical analysis:
3. Technical Trading - Practicing the Theory:
4. System Implementation Exercise :
5. Pattern trading :
6. Basics for Technichal Analysis :

Threads that contain references to TA websites:
1. Good Technical Analysis Sites For Beginners :


Fundamental Analysis

Latest Fundamental Data:
1. Download Latest Fundamental Data From Here:
2. Fundas as of 5th May 2007:


Very good softwares, developed by our seniors


Discussion on online brokerages - their pros and cons
[Use this thread only as a reference]

Charting software - discussions, usage, help,etc

1. Amibroker:
2. Metastock:
3. Fibotrader:



Historial NSE/BSE EOD
NSE clean EOD Data ==
NSE EOD data from 1994 to 2006 Aug 28 ==
NSE Data from 1994 till 9th Feb, 2007:

EOD Update
EOD Update of Fibotrader ==
Although this EOD Update is given for Fibotrader by Soumya, it can also be used for Amibroker also.
EOD Data of NSE Equity with Open Interest, NSE Future, NSE Call Put BSE Equity:

Nidhi datasystems ==
Provides EOD for the last 10 trading days. You need to be a registered member to access them. Registration is free.

bse-nse2005 ***** groups == http://in.groups.**********/group/bse-nse2005/files/00-STOCKS DATA FILES/
You need to have a ***** account.

NSE Bhavcopy ==
BSE Bhavcopy ==
NOTE: One needs to filter the bhavcopy according to their requirements. Use any of the data convertors(the main thread's link is provided above).

Futures Data

Intraday data(IEOD) Update
Link given by Soumya_b == IEOD updates.
1min interval data. Available from 13Nov2006.

Nidhi datasystems ==
Provides Intraday data for the last 10 trading days. You need to be a registered member to access them. Registration is free. Provides 1min interval data.

bse-nse2005 ***** groups == http://in.groups.**********/group/bse-nse2005/files/00-STOCKS DATA FILES/IEOD/
You need to have a ***** account. Provides 5min interval data.

EOD/Intraday data downloaders(convertors)
This provides links for various posts that deals with EOD and Intraday data downloaders, which you can use for downloading the data before you do the Update.


Stock tips and chart analysis
1. Complete collection of 'tips' related threads :
2. Breakouts :
3. Intermediate uptrend:
4. I can help you with chart reading:



1. Procedure to store the contents of a thread:
2. Q & A with Traderji:
3. Designing a System from scratch :
4. "Teach a man to fish ..." Compilation : A nice work done by one of our member. This is the compilation of the posts in the famous thread - "Teach a man to fish" by Saint.
5. Mark To Market in Futures - clear explanation with example.
6. Have u ever seen ur net connection go down? Some suggestions by one of the member.


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First, Thanks @bvpraveen for the wonderful guide for beginners.
Few links are not working anymore, and then I noticed this article was last edited in 2008. When you find sometime please update. Even I'll try when I find some time.

Thanks bro


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Great job, Praveen!

This comprehensive list of important and popular threads is a goldmine for new members like myself. I truly appreciate the effort you've put into compiling all these valuable resources.

From technical analysis to fundamental analysis, charting software to data sources, and even stock tips and chart analysis, you've covered a wide range of topics that will undoubtedly benefit traders at all levels of experience. The inclusion of links and brief descriptions for each thread is incredibly helpful and makes it easy for us to navigate through the vast amount of information available on Traderji.

I'm particularly excited about the "Teach a man to fish" compilation and the discussions on system design and Mark To Market in Futures. These threads seem to offer practical insights and real-world examples that can enhance our trading strategies.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to create this resourceful thread. It's a fantastic starting point for anyone looking to expand their knowledge and engage in meaningful discussions. I look forward to exploring these threads and becoming an active participant in the Traderji community.

Wishing you and all the members here the best of luck on your trading journeys!

Warm regards,

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