An eye opener-- All members please read this

We many times see some people reccomending some online trading facilities with so called packages which looks attractive to most of members.Here there is a hidden thing which no one knows!
Recently I was told by one of brokerage house who is having online trading facility to find out clients and they offered me 10% comission out of the brokerage they get,no harm in it( i h\personally hate comission business) but what happens is when someone offers package of some online trading firm the myth is comission offered to him/her and that is NOT a self less service.I hence request youto negotiate directly with the firm(they may offer even better packages who knows?)and not with any perticular person(s) else people/members(or you) will be under the wrong impression during their(your) life that someone has helped him/her which is not in real but someone has ateup comission from his pocket!!


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Very relevant point considering that "A stockbroker is someone who invests other people money until it is all gone" . Mr Bill Gates has said that unless a middleman adds value in the 21 st century, he cannot just survive being only a middleman. Brokers who add value should automatically be successful by word of mouth. Besides one cannot really get away with shoddy performance as we have seen in the case of icici.

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