Need help, in hdfcsecurities how to stop automatic release of funds?

Hi all,

I am new to trading and started with hdfcsecurities. When I have unused funds (margin money) in my account, after 2 days it gets automatically sent to my hdfc savings account (Ps: I have opened 3 in 1 account with hdfc, my trading, dmat and savings account are linked)

However this leads to difficulty in calculating profit/loss for me I know they provide the detailed report and can be downloaded but I wanted to do my own math to make sure I am not cheated :D

If I knew in short from day 1 to day 100, I was only crediting my trading account with money - which I can easily keep track of, then it would be helpful to me, right now in my account statement I see many cr and dr transactions I do not remember what exactly should have been the total amount.

For releasing funds from trading account I can manually do that in in my trading account, I just wanted to stop the automating release of funds to my savings account. Please help me here.