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    BALANCED FUNDS - how are they performing ?

    Hello, would like to know how are these funds performing....are they good to invest now ? HDFC Balanced Fund - Growth ICICI Prudential Balanced - Growth SBI Magnum Balanced Fund - Growth Birla Sun Life Balanced 95 - Growth Franklin India Balanced Fund - Growth Thanks
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    SIP vs LumpSum which one and why??

    Hi, Suppose I am planning to invest in ELSS plans and i already have the money which i need to invest. So should i go for SIP or Lump sum? I have heard people talking and suggesting about the lump sum? But i have few questions. SIP would be great option if you don't have the funds...
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    CPPI funds in India

    HI everyone!! can anyone please tell me if there is any fund operating in india based on CPPI(Constant proportion portfolio insurance) model if yes then which of these funds were launched in the last 2-3 years? Thanks in advance!!
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    Need help, in hdfcsecurities how to stop automatic release of funds?

    Hi all, I am new to trading and started with hdfcsecurities. When I have unused funds (margin money) in my account, after 2 days it gets automatically sent to my hdfc savings account (Ps: I have opened 3 in 1 account with hdfc, my trading, dmat and savings account are linked) However this...
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    How to invest in non-Indian mutual funds?

    I'm an Indian and I wanna invest in non-Indian MFs (American, Chinese, African, etc., funds). How can I do this? Although I shall prefer investing via the online channel, if there's no online option, the regular paper-based method shall also do. Please advise.
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    Investing in Venture Capital Funds

    Does anyone here know how we can invest in Venture Capital Funds or Real Estate Funds in India ?
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    Too late to invest in stocks? Not really.

    Five years from now, stocks will likely appear cheap now.