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    Suggest Broker between ICICI, Kotak and HDFC

    I have an account with Sharekhan, but due to restrictions at my workplace, I cannot have an account with Sharekhan. Kotak, HDFC and ICICI are the only 3 authorized brokers in which I can have account. Our policy also restricts my spouse from having an account with brokers other than above 3...
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    HDFC Securities: Intraday charts

    Are intraday charts using candlesticks & durations of 15,20, 30 minutes provided on HDFC Securities trading platform? If yes, could anyone kindly post a screenshot or two? Thanks.
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    Regarding penny stocks

    Hi friends, I am new to investing and am currently a small retail investor. I have a question to you guys regarding penny stocks ( stocks priced below Rs 2.5 ) . I have an trading account with HDFC Securities but they do not sell stocks that are priced below Rs 2.5. Where can I buy...
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    Need help, in hdfcsecurities how to stop automatic release of funds?

    Hi all, I am new to trading and started with hdfcsecurities. When I have unused funds (margin money) in my account, after 2 days it gets automatically sent to my hdfc savings account (Ps: I have opened 3 in 1 account with hdfc, my trading, dmat and savings account are linked) However this...
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    Brokerage for Intraday Margin trading in HDFC Securities

    Hello Team, I want to know the details of Brokerage which HDFC Securities is charging for Intraday Margin Trading as description provided on their site is not correct. The description on their site is Brokerage 0.05% or min Rs.25/- or ceiling of 2.5% on transaction value (Both Buy & Sell)...
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    Need help for HDFC securities option trade

    Hi Gurus, I have an HDFC securities account for the first time I have bought an option contract for DEC MINI NIFTY. I have purchased a couple of MININIFTY option contract in margin. I was able to see the details of my open position in my open position till the market got closed but I do...
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    Net Liquidation Value

    Hi Friends, I had Rs.10,000 in my hdfc securities trading account & I purchased 5 shares of Hero motor corp today(26-9-2012) at Rs.1915/share(1915*5=Rs. 9575) + Brokerage charges = Rs.67. Total= 9575+67= Rs.9642 was deducted from Rs.10000. Now, Balance should be equal to Rs.358 in my...